Although it attracts many web hosting with great deals, yet there is high availability and customer service at a price. Companies should consider exactly what services cover the service provider and the packets as high follow-up costs in excess of the limits sind.

For small and medium company offers web hosting which is easy and inexpensive option for the internet site. Instead it’s own web server to operate with appropriate infrastructure or lease, the customer rents the space for his site (web space) including network access to an Internet Service Provider (ISP). The advantages: buy or rent expensive hardware as well as account for the fees for the leased line, which already consumes alone several hundred marks a month.

This can also be dispensed with technical expertise or expensive personnel for installation, operation and maintenance of the web server. Server operation, administration, maintenance, protection against failures and backup should include the services of such providers that are aimed at corporate customers.

The prices for renting the web space depend mainly on two parameters. Firstly, from the rented disk space: Small performances come with 5 MB of loosely, with many more graphics and multimedia applications consumed 50, 100 or more MB before.

Secondly, the rental fee and there are still results in the transfer of volume, that is, from the set of data and the rushing per month over the lines of the provider. The higher the transfer volume, the more traffic and the more data-intensive Web pages and in that way the fees are also higher.