Despite the promises in terms of performance it is worth, the seller to take a close look at in order to avoid unpleasant surprises. How much does it cost, for example, if the agreed transfer volume is exceeded? Should perplex the phrase “Unlimited data transmission”.

This dispute is programmed, because no provider can actually guarantee unlimited transfer of data. Reading the terms and conditions should also include the compulsory exercises, however, not only when there is trouble.

Offers of free web hosting and discount providers such as Strato Puretec are only partially suitable for professional applications. Their service and availability to meet the needs of many companies. Especially Strato shone in recent months – despite repeatedly promised improvements – by recurrent, hours and even days long outages of web and mail servers.

Companies need to be aware that they can only expect a low value for money.

Web hosting is offering more than just space on a server. So take all professional web space provider for their customers to register a .de or .com or .org or .net domain also. Often this service is already included in the package price. In addition, the company with ten or more e-mail accounts has no extra cost.